Monday, 17 March 2014

Skype Reflection

(1) What topics did you present?  How did you go about making it "stick" with your audience?

My group presented the topic of commas and periods used in sentences. I was dressed up as Havoc the Husky for the entire presentation so I feel like I wasn't a large part of the actual lesson. I did help with other aspects of the project such as writing the script and the visual. Veronica was the one who presented the memoirs to the class since she is comfortable speaking in front of an audience and has a bright, outgoing personality.

(2) How do you feel your mini lesson went? Strengths? Weaknesses?

I think our mini lesson went well but I just wish that all of us were able to speak to the class in our presentation. It was difficult for me to tell what was going on from inside the Havoc costume and I was unable to participate in any of the talking done in any of the presentations. Although being Havoc was fun I hope to do something a little bit different the next time we Skype. Still, I really enjoyed the response that all of the kids had to our visual and lesson.

(3) What did you learn about the process of teaching and learning?

This project helped me realize that part of being a teacher is trying to make the lesson interesting for the age group you are teaching. Spewing out information is not the best way to teach younger kids. Instead, it works better trying to get them involved by using more interactive teaching methods. I think our mini lessons were successful because the kids felt involved in learning.

(4) What should we do next?

Our entire class should take a trip to Thompson to meet Ms. Bettess' class! In all reality though, I think we should write our own original poems to share with the 3rd grade class.

Friday, 14 March 2014

6 Word Memoirs

Photo credit: N. Johnson
Theme: Me

I chose to use this picture because it is a physical representation of my oddness and weird personality. I chose this font because it is funky and quirky with a little bit of an edge, which reflects the feeling in the photo. In this picture I was on a 10 day canoe trip and my friends convinced me to eat the leftover food we had cooked over the fire. I was stuffed but I agreed to the challenge. Afterwards, I pretended to go crazy from the sheer amount of pasta I had consumed and smeared pot black all over my face. My good friend Natalie then proceeded to snap a picture.

Photo credit: The Canadian Armed Forces
Theme: My Past

This is a photograph of my paternal grandparents when they were serving in the military in the 40's. My grandmother was an army nurse and my grandfather a soldier. At the time the role of women in the ranks was limited, but my grandparents became the first two people in The Canadian Military to marry. I feel like this story is a strong and important part of my family history and my own past. The reason it ties to this six word memoir is that both my grandparents passed away when I was young and I regret never getting the chance to truly know them. Unfortunately, I know the feeling of regret can never change what occurred in the past and the few memories I have of my grandparents are all that I will ever have. I think the font and effect that I chose reflects the simplicity and authenticity of the past.

Photo credit: C. Johnston
Theme: Growing Up

This photo represents one of the many fleeting moments in life. The moment pictured here was taken at my 9th birthday party just as I was about to blow out my candles. Childhood is precious and short-lived so I chose to apply a dramatic darkening effect on this picture. The effect allows the cake to be the focal point when the original picture showed Jenni in the background and wasn't as visually dynamic. A birthday is a definite reminder of growing up and how life has a way of complicating itself as you age.

Photo Credit: Johnston Family

Theme: Family

This is a photograph of me and my dad when we first moved into our new house. The time the photo was taken represents a turning point in our lives since it was close to the time my dad got custody of me, my brother and sister. It was nice to finally have a stable home environment to grow up in. The house has allowed us to grow together as a family. I used a grainy, black and white effect in order to portray a warm feeling associated with the past. I think the font I chose for the text is something that would come from an old scrapbook and it is also visually appealing.

Photo Credit: W. Dyck

Theme: Future

In a way, this photograph represents my past, present, and future. Every year, my best friend Rayna and I return to the same summer camp in order to enjoy the lake, canoeing and other fun activities. The camp is called Manitoba Pioneer Camp and one of the greatest drawing factors of it is the genuine love and acceptance expressed by the people who return year after year. Rayna and I fell in love with the camp and consider it a second home. This past year, we spent the entire summer (July 1st- August 31st) working at the camp as camp leaders and doing other types of maintenance work. I hope to return again this summer in order to rekindle some of the lifelong friendships I have made and spend time doing what I love. The white text seemed like it would make a good contrast with the bright colours of the PFD's in the picture. I also chose to use a filter that subdued the colours of the picture to put more focus on the text.

Photo Credit: Johnston Family
Theme: Love

This is a photo that was taken at my grandma and grandpa's 50th wedding anniversary. In this picture is me and my first crush, Alex. We were young kids and we loved to hang out together and run around like kids do. Like most childhood infatuations it wasn't meant to be and we eventually grew apart. I chose to go with no effect and the CheekyRabbit font because the heart-shaped "o" reminded me of something a little girl would write in a note to her crush.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Reading Assignment #4

These tweets were written from the perspective of Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis.

1. Went on another heroin binge today,
lost another piece of myself #cantstopwontstop

2. About to rock the stage with @RHCPchad and @flea333 for Super Bowl 48! 

3. @flea333 and I circa Freakey Styley #TBT

4. Remembering the good days with Carmen, love isn't always enough #lessonlearned

5. Every relapse is the same, every recovery is more difficult than the last.

6. The reign of Blackie has finally come to an end #movingout #sorrynotsorry

7. What would I do without an angel for a mother? Thanks for giving me life and love.

8. Pulled out the old sock trick once again! #nevergetsold

9. Some days it's good to relax in a wild place and remember its the little things in life #newzealand

10. Don't know what I'd do without my band brothers/musical soul-mates

11. Hard to think about how many people I've hurt over the years #reality

12. Another rockin concert with the guys!

13. Thinking maybe there's a lady out there for me

14. The joy of children is infectious. Where does the innocence go?

15.  Passed out backstage before our concert #fail
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