Wednesday, 30 April 2014


The end is near, I can tell.
The roads, the sidewalks, all lie empty.
Void of life, of existence, of anything.
Silence fills the night and the moon whispers to the earth.

Telling secrets unknown to man;
Eerie things that would induce a terror into our hearts.
So great this terror- so incomprehensible,
It would lay waste to our very existence.
We would not survive to see the end.

But these whispers remain inaudible to us.
We hear the rustling of the trees,
The whistling of the wind,
And the howling of the wolves.

We hear but do we listen?
Our kind refuses to heed the warnings of the wise,
Telling us to leave this place for it is damned.
We cannot save out home, we can but destroy.

Our world is shattered,
But yet,
We linger.

Refusing to open our eyes,
For fear of being blinded by the light.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Quickwrite-Best meal

The best meal would taste like a cool glass of water and a spicy jalapeƱo pepper at the same time. The meal would taste fresh and warm no matter how long it sat out. It would smell like garlic and crisp veggies straight from the garden while cooking. The meal would taste like junk food but be healthier than any other fast food. The meal would smell like nachos and veggie burgers all in one after it was prepared and would be the most satisfying thing you could possibly eat.

Quickwrite- Eden

The sky will always be blue and filled with whisps of wandering clouds able to mask the sunlight every once in awhile. Homes will always be peaceful and families will always stay together. People will smile, laugh, cry and feel more. There will be endless supplies of any type of delicious food to be dreamt of. Stomachs would be bottomless pits that never feel empty. Weight will be gained but no one will ever be "fat". Education would be available to all and kindness would be second nature. Animals would roam free and wouldn't fear slaughter or extinction. Image would never be an issue because we would all be equal.

Monday, 28 April 2014

Skype Reflection #2

I think the Skype interaction between the classrooms allows our class to see how much elementary school has changed since we've been there. Being able to see and talk to the kids creates a real relationship with the people we interact with over the Internet.

My presentation could have gone better if Veronica and I had the chance to do a dry run. It was difficult to show the kids the illustrations that we had drawn since they were very small and had to be held close to the camera. I also tried to show both me and Veronica's pictures but switching papers was too confusing so at the end I only continued to show my own. I am not sure if the grade 3s fully understood what we were trying to demonstrate.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Procedural Writing: How to enjoy the movies to the max!

Step 1. Go online and pre-order your movie tickets to beat the line up.

Step 2. Get ready to go out in public.
Step 3. Go to the store and stock up on cheap junk food.

Step 4. Stash the junk food in your bag or jacket.

Step 5. Hitch a ride with buds or catch a bus.

Step 6. Claim your tickets.
Step 7. Make sure you go number 1 and 2 before the show starts.

Step 8. Choose the best seats, sit back with your food and enjoy the show!

Monday, 21 April 2014

Ignite Presentation

The following is a link to my ignite slideshow on haikudeck:

Slide 1-Photo Credit: Google Maps
Slide 2- Photo Credit: Maslen Johnston
Slide 3- Photo Credit: Kaya Glover
Slide 4- Photo Credit: Zoe Matties
Slide 5- Photo Credit: Maslen Johnston
Slide 6- Photo Credit: Emma Ryan
Slide 7- Photo Credit: Maslen Johnston
Slide 8- Photo Credit: Emma Ryan
Slide 9- Photo Credit: Maslen Johnston
Slide 10- Photo Credit: Natalie Johnson
Slide 11- Photo Credit: Willow Dyck
Slide 12- Photo Credit: Zoe Matties
Slide 13- Photo Credit: Zoe Matties
Slide 14- Photo Credit: Amber Leenders
Slide 15- Photo Credit: Alanna Johnson
Slide 16- Photo Credit: Kaya Glover
Slide 17- Photo Credit: Alanna Johnson
Slide 18- Photo Credit: Amber Leenders
Slide 19- Photo Credit: Maslen Johnston

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Philosophy 101

Distancing yourself from others is so much easier than letting them get close. Allowing someone to see the real you that often lies dormant inside a shell of mistrust is terrifying. The shell is fragile, it contains us, encompasses our beliefs and values, fear and hope, faith and  love, imperfection and insecurity. It preserves our sanity and the precious personality  that is the epitome of who we are. It's the thought that one person has the power to fracture the delicate layer and reach the innermost recesses of our souls that frightens most of us into a lifetime of closing the world off. We do this without realising, we build careers, find love,  start families and grow old without ever truly discovering divine peace with ourselves and the world. Something is always off kilter, we blame outside forces but the source is from within. Being yourself requires a complete sense of who you really are, without the harmony of mind, body and spirit this is not possible.

A Quick Thought

I think everyone's a little deeper than they seem. It's a lot harder to put abstract thoughts into words than it is to lay awake at night and concoct ideas.
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