Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Quickwrite- Eden

The sky will always be blue and filled with whisps of wandering clouds able to mask the sunlight every once in awhile. Homes will always be peaceful and families will always stay together. People will smile, laugh, cry and feel more. There will be endless supplies of any type of delicious food to be dreamt of. Stomachs would be bottomless pits that never feel empty. Weight will be gained but no one will ever be "fat". Education would be available to all and kindness would be second nature. Animals would roam free and wouldn't fear slaughter or extinction. Image would never be an issue because we would all be equal.


  1. It sounds like a perfect world! The part that weight will be gained but no one will ever be "fat" was my favorite one, I want it so bad, it would be perfect! Excluding the part that people would feel more (because we can't force people to feel) and the part that is nature, do you think this world would be possible?


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